Annual Leadership Conferences & Eye-See and Medical Outreach Clinics

FACE of HARVEST (FoH) is delighted to announce our Annual Leadership Conferences & Eye-See and Medical Outreach Clinics to take place in Likoni, and Kwa Bulo, in the Province of Mombasa, Kenya. Our first annual conference was held last year, and we worked in partnership with Ravi Zacharias Ministries (RZIM). We are building on the foundation which was established then with a series of additional leadership/apologetics conferences, eye and mobile outreach clinics, this September (2015).

Please visit our dedicated web page for more detailed information on these events from the FoH Kenya Director, Aaron, by clicking the following link: Annual Leadership Conferences & Eye-See and Medical Outreach Clinics.

The Night of Power: Expecting God!

Face of Harvest is an organization that loves and cares for the Muslim World. Right now Muslims are celebrating their holy month of Ramadan, today is their 26th day of fasting. Tonight or tomorrow night, depending where you live, is believed to be the Night of Power, or Laylat Al-Qadr, the holiest day of the year. We have included Day 26 from the prayer guide 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World so that you can be informed and pray for Muslims to experience peace in Jesus Christ.
Monday July 13th
Muslims recognize many historic events that are significant in the story of their faith. None are more important, however, than remembering the initial revelation of the Qur’an to the Prophet Muhammad. This is the even recalled on the Night of Power, or Laylat Al-Qadr – also known as the Night of Destiny.
The story of Muhammad’s revelation is told to Muslim children throughout the world and is an inspiration for them. 
It is said that Muhammad would frequently retire to meditate in a cave on the outskirts of Mecca. He would reflect on how to solve the problems faced in the communities around him, particularly among the less fortunate, and how to address the rise in selfish and abusive behavior in society. 
In the month of Ramadan in AD 610, Muhammad was visited by the Archangel Gabriel. According to sources, Gabriel squeezed the Prophet to the point of death and commanded him, Iqra – Read! Muhammad was illiterate and responded that he couldn’t. This was repeated two times. Then Gabriel revealed the first verses of the Qur’an: “Read in the name of your lord who created – created man from a clot. Read: for your Lord is Most Bountiful, who teaches by the pen, teaches man that which he knew not.” (Chapter 96, verses 1-5)
When Muhammad told a relative, who was a biblical scholar, about this, the relative advised him that he had been chosen as a prophet and was sent by God to call society to worshiop the One God and lead a righteous life.
To remember this event, Muslims spend the last ten days of Ramadan in increased worship, recitation of the Qur’an and fervent prayer, particularly for the forgiveness of sins. The Night of Power is understood to have occurred in this time, probably on this night (the 26th). Many Muslims believe that prayers prayed on the Night of Power are more effective and will be counted as a thousand times more beneficial. 
It is a night for anticipating the revelation of God. Let’s pray that it happens.
  • Many Muslims have had dreams or visions of Jesus on the Night of power. Pray that through Jesus many will come to have the Revelation of God that they desire.
  • Pray for Muslims who are seeking revelation to have encounters with believers who can help them to understand the revelation we have of God through Jesus.
  • Pray that on this night of heightened expectation, many will find what they are seeking.  

Join us and Pray for Muslims

2015cover_hiresFace of Harvest invites you to join millions of Christians around the world in praying for Muslims during the month of Ramadan. God hears our prayers.

“We are in the midst of the greatest turning of Muslims to Christ in 14 centuries of Muslim-Christian interaction. More than 80% of all the Muslim movements to Christ in history have occurred in the past two to three decades, a time period that coincides with the modern prayer movement for Muslims. At the heart of this modern prayer movement is ‘30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World.’ Come, join us, and be a part of shaping salvation history!”
— David Garrison, author of A Wind in the House of Islam

If you are willing to commit to pray every day for Muslims during Ramadan (June 18-July 17) please confirm your commitment by posting/messaging a comment below or on our facebook page.

Will you join us in the harvest field?

Good News to the Poor!

IMG-20150504-WA0000 Greetings in the name of Jesus!

My name is Pastor Samuel. I am a Kenyan living and working in the suburbs of Nairobi. I am thankful for Face of Harvest’s support and encouragement over the years.

I am currently the Lead Pastor of New Life Foundation Church. By the grace of God, the Church is now six months old. We give all the praise to God.

At a time when social structures continue to fail and family life is deteriorating, I believe the church must answer life’s deepest questions.  We, the church, come with a message of hope through Jesus Christ. As the Apostle Paul concludes, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come” (2 Cor. 5:17).

The church has been built upon what we can see as four pillars:

  1. Go – Jesus said, “For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost” (Luke 19:10). It is Christ’s love towards us that compels us to go out and love others (2 Cor. 5:14-15).
  1. Growth – No matter how long one has walked with God, there is always room for growth. Our goal is to present every member mature in Christ (Col. 1:28).
  1. Service – We are saved by grace not by works, but for works (Eph. 2:8-10). Therefore, we use our gifts, talents, expertise, and skills to serve God and His people.
  1. Unity – We celebrate diversity by being united in Christ and his work on the Cross. Every person is uniquely made in the image of God, and yet should function in a loving community. The church seeks to be that community.

The community in which our church is located (Zimmerman, Nairobi), presents a great opportunity for the gospel to go forth. A majority of the population claims to be Christian, but continues to be steeped in animistic beliefs and various forms of witchcraft. Drug abuse and prostitution are also common problems, and pose a real threat to the youth.

As a church, we embark on a mission to take the gospel to those in great need. We are planning a three-day gospel outreach this month. We are busy making arrangements, both physically and spiritually. Will you join us in prayer as we seek the Lord’s guidance at this time?

In Christ’s service,


Pastor Samuel
Pastor Samuel's family
Pastor Samuel’s family


Putting on My Princess Shoes

Photo taken by Elva Frye
Photo taken by Elva Frye

They escaped with no shoes on their feet. They had come to realize that all religion was dead, and that there was no god in religion who could save them from the despair they were experiencing. They practiced their religion with all their heart, yet found only emptiness.

But then, they met Him. The two sisters, along with their brother, heard that God in the Flesh, the VISIBLE image of God who walked amongst men, had come to earth to pay the penalty for sin, which the Bible says is DEATH.  Jesus took our place on the cross, but ROSE AGAIN, conquering death.

They did not find a “Christian Religion”… they found GOD.  They believed on Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The joy and peace upon them was unmistakable; they KNEW they had met the TRUE God. They decided to tell their family the good news. But personal tragedy followed when they were persecuted and held prisoner in their home. Eventually, they escaped… but, without shoes.

Photo taken by Elva Frye
Photo taken by Elva Frye

This story of three siblings was recounted to me on my journey through the Middle East in April of 2014. I visited several countries in the Middle East, and this story rings true for so many Christians there. Many of them find encouragement in knowing that there are believers everywhere praying for them, as they pray for other believers also.

These are OUR brothers and sisters. In these regions, there are other lost sheep seeking to KNOW GOD, but have not yet HEARD the Good News. The news is that He is not found in religion, but that He is found in seeking HIM in Spirit and Truth. If you are reading this, and do not know that you have met GOD, then cry out to Him today as we at FoH and the siblings have done.  He reveals Himself to those who seek Him.

If you are a follower of Jesus, please join us and pray for the persecuted Church and the lost sheep in regions where believing and putting your faith in Jesus is a crime. All people long to be valued and cared for, to live for a purpose, and to be loved.  Pray the Light of Jesus Christ shines into the darkness. Help us reach the lost by empowering believers in the region with your financial support of FoH. The harvest is great, and the laborers are few. If you yourself cannot go to THIS harvest field, labor with us in prayer and through financial support.

Photo taken by Elva Frye
Photo taken by Elva Frye

The family who escaped with no shoes illustrates a book written by a fellow laborer and sister of mine.  It is called, “Putting on My Princess Shoes.” After reading the book, the three siblings realized that they had indeed escaped with shoes, the Gospel Shoes of Peace! All proceeds from the book will be donated towards the work amongst the Persecuted Church, which includes provision of audio Bibles and other publications for sharing the Good News in this region.

I had the privilege of publishing the book and now share it with you.  It is a book both men and women should read to and with the girls in their lives, from ages 2 through to 92. You can purchase a book online at:

Your sister in Christ,
Elva Frye, FoH Chief Counsel

He Fought the Good Fight: Remembering Peter Mugambi Muthanga

Peter“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” – 2 Timothy 4:7

The Face of Harvest family is mourning the loss of our friend and faithful brother in Christ, Peter Muthanga. Peter continued to give support and encouragement to our FoH staff working in Nairobi. We rejoice in remembering his steadfast life in Jesus and desire to make Jesus known amongst the nations. Below you will find a short memoir. May we not forget those who have faithfully gone before us (Hebrews 11).

Peter was  born in 1978 in a small village on the outskirts of Meru County, Kenya. He journeyed to Nairobi in 1992 to find work. Soon after arriving in Nairobi he was selling used goods on the streets. By God’s grace he was married to Joyce Musavi in 2005. They were blessed with three children: Samuel, Alvin and Caleb.

In Nairobi he attended God’s Miracle Church and later Gilgal Evangelistic Ministry where he passionately served until his death on 7th April 2015. His dedication to Christ lead him to study at Disciple Support Ministries Bible Institute where he graduated in 2012.

His compassionate heart lead him to work in places most people refused. He spent the majority of his time ministering to people in the slums of Eastleigh and Kiambiu.  He focused his ministry on loving the Somali and Borana people. His friends often remarked how he was fearless in his proclamation of the gospel. His assurance and confidence in the gospel undoubtedly enabled him to preach the gospel with boldness as it ought to be (Eph. 6:19, 20).

May Peter’s life be an encouragement for all of us to enthusiastically love God and people more.


Pray for Kenya!


Time to Pray
Time to Pray

After Al-Shabaab’s deadly attack which claimed the lives of over 150 Christian college students the world has been left in shock of such a hideous crime. Kenyans have been asking why such evil exists and if there will be an end. As Kenyans react, a popular Kenyan media presenter Ciku Muriuki possibly pinned the most appropriate Christian response.

Dear Al-Shabaab, You have claimed responsibility for taking the lives of 147 Christian students. I’m sad for their families who have to live with the loss but I’m not sad for the students themselves. Theirs is a beautiful death. If I were to choose the manner in which I died, let it be such – As a defender of my faith.

I assume you deliberately chose this time because it is Easter, the time Christ laid down His life for us all, yes, even for you. Why? To mock Him perhaps? Well, I have news for you Al-Shabaab, you are not the first. On this day over 2000 years ago there was an angry mob that mocked Him, jeered Him and made fun of Him, baying for His blood. There were Roman soldiers who spit on Him, beat Him, yanked out His beard, whipped Him, put a crown of thorns on His head, and nailed Him cruelly to the cross. They had rejected Him as their Messiah even though they knew exactly who and what He was. They had seen His miracles, they had heard His words. Who knows what causes men todeliberately do what is wrong? To deliberately choose the evil path? I don’t know. All I know is that Jesus looked to the criminals alongsideHim, at the mobs, soldiers and religious leaders and said: “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” The cross didn’t kill Jesus. The Romans didn’t kill Jesus. The Sadducees and Pharisees didn’t kill Jesus. Jesus willingly gave up His earthly life for precisely the scene He was witnessing. He paid the penalty for the sins that we commit in our ignorance (and even the ones we’ve committed deliberately).

So to all you Al-Shabaab guys who have killed my Christian brothers and sisters, I forgive you. Yes, you heard me right. I forgive you. As you fill your heart with hate (Just as those angry mobs did 2000 years ago), I will fill my heart with love -as Jesus did – for truly you not know what you do. I’m not mourning. I have JOY in my heart this Good Friday and I’ll tell you why. Jesus will die at 3pm and rise again. So will thestudents you have slain. Yes, they will rise. Eternal life is promised to all that believe in Him. Kill us all. We will rise. Your plan to put a damper on Easter has merely served to remind me why I observe it in the first place – People like you. You are the reason He died on the cross, to give you salvation if you repent. I don’t hate you. I love you. I forgive you. Happy Easter everyone! God Bless Kenya!

I hope you are blessed and encouraged. Let us continue to forgive, pray and go.

Director of FoH Kenya

Relief Work in Iraq

I got back from Iraq on Sunday, 10/5 (I departed for Iraq right after our relief work to Syrian refugees here in Lebanon a few weeks ago). It was a wonderful fruitful trip! Praise God! We and some organizations that we joined got to give out around 7,000 New Testaments, 8,300 winter blankets, and thousands of bottles of baby formula to Iraqi and Syrian refugees displaced by ISIS. I was able to speak to the Deputy Governor of Salah Al Deen Province about the Gospel and give him a Bible! Please keep praying for our work here in the Middle East as we proclaim and demonstrate the Good News to many yet to hear. You can visit our page here:

Blessings in Christ,


Director FoH Lebanon